Prototypes & Kick Press Production

Kick Press Department at Park Manufacturing Corporation


Our Kick Press department can produce precision formed metal parts in prototype quantities. Our experienced staff can help you find the optimum design criteria for new parts with low cost tooling and fast turnaround.

Kick Press Production

Kick Press Production

Kick press tooling is often used for secondary operations such as assembly or additional forming of parts from our Fourslide, Bihler, or CNC Wireforming departments. In some cases, our kick press department can also be used for complete production runs of 500 to 10,000 pieces.


Prototypes & Kick Press Production Capabilities

Flat Stock Thickness:0.005" - 0.063"
Flat Stock Width:up to 3"
Wire Diameter:0.026" - 0.125"
Length:up to 24"
Registered to ISO9001:2008