Bihler Production

Bihler Tooling at Park Manufacturing Corporation
Bihler Tooling at Park Manufacturing Corporation

Unique Parts

Our Bihler GRM-80E can be adapted to make many parts that would be difficult or impossible to produce on other equipment. Bihler tooling can include linear progressive forming, radial progressive forming, or inline forming and assembly of two or more parts.

Bihler Parts Production

Unique Flexibility

The Bihler system provides a flexible production platform for a wide variety of precision parts and assemblies. Its modular drive system and computer controlled machine interface allow easy integration with sensors, solenoids, servos, feeders, and other electronic or mechanical automation components. The Bihler machine's flexibility helps us achieve faster production rates and better quality parts while minimizing operator intervention.


Bihler Production Capabilities

Flat Stock Thickness:0.005" - 0.070"
Flat Stock Width:up to 3"
Length:up to 10"
Registered to ISO9001:2008